Guidance for Passengers

We provide a community transport service in the villages of Thorney, Harby, Wigsley and surrounding villages (N & S Clifton and Spalford) to enable residents of all ages to access health related services, shopping amenities, leisure and social activities during the day or evenings.

Journeys will be charged at 45p per mile with an additional charge of £2 per journey if the driver lives in a different village from the passenger. (This £2 charge is standard and acknowledges the mileage covered from the driver’s home and back once the journey has been completed.)

To book a journey

Please contact the Scheme Co-ordinator, Mrs Clare Welfare on 07717-17-88-00 by either phone or text message or send an email. It’s helpful to give as much notice as you can, ideally 48 hrs. Every effort will be made to find a volunteer driver but this may not always be possible. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • your name and where you want to go to
  • what time do you need to be there?
  • are you to be collected from your home address/provide details and phone number?
  • do you need a return journey or not?
  • are you the only passenger or will any other people need to travel with you?
  • do you have any specific health issues that a driver needs to be made aware of?
  • do any mobility aids or other items need to be transported with you?
  • it is helpful but not essential for passengers to have a mobile phone with them. This would enable you to contact a driver if your pick up time is delayed eg. from an appointment you have been attending.

Journeys will normally be in the local area of the named villages as well as Saxilby, Lincoln, Collingham, Gainsborough and Newark. Longer trips may be possible but this will be at the discretion of the Coordinator and dependent on driver availability.

The Volunteer Driver

Your name/address and phone number and relevant details will be passed on to a volunteer driver who will contact you to agree what time they will arrive to collect you. Please keep a lookout for the driver as in rural villages some properties are not always easy to locate. All volunteers will carry a Car Scheme Identity Card and should let you view this before you get into their car. Their vehicle will have relevant insurance to cover you as a passenger.

Payment for the journey

The driver is to be paid at the end of your journey at the rate of 45p per mile (+£2 if the driver does not live in the same village as yourself). Any car parking charges incurred as part of your journey must be paid for by yourself eg. hospital visiting when the driver has agreed to wait for you. The driver will confirm the total cost to you. It would be helpful if you could have the correct cash( as near as possible) as drivers may find it difficult to give change if you only have notes. Drivers will not accept tips but any small surplus cash given will be donated back to the Car Scheme to assist with overall running costs.

General Safeguards

  • Your personal details will be held in confidence and essential information only passed to a volunteer driver to enable then to undertake a journey for you.
  • All drivers will have DBS (police check) clearance and appropriate insurance that covers you as a passenger.
  • All drivers have been advised it is inappropriate for them to:
    – pay bills, collect pensions, fill in forms on your behalf and they may not assist in writing a will or acting as a witness for you.
    – give advice on benefits.
    – accept gifts from you except low value items eg. flowers / chocolates

Please remember all drivers are volunteers giving up their time to help you. Please show them the same courtesy that they will show you. Any concerns should be reported to the Coordinator, Clare Welfare at the conclusion of your journey.